Juggling & Feats of Dexterity

著者Peter Bridgewater
出版社Lorenz Books
購入先Houdini's Magic Shop


  1. Juggling with Scarves, Napkins or Kerchiefs
  2. The Cascade
  3. Sophisticated Moves and Casts in the Overall Cascade Pattern
  4. Bean-Bags
  5. Juggling with Balls
  6. Bouncing Balls on your Head
  7. Feats with Plates
  8. Rolling a Plate
  9. Spinning Plates on Poles
  10. Hat-Tricks
  11. Further Doffing and Donning Flippantry
  12. Sophisticated Hat Manoeuvres
  13. Balancing Feats
  14. Miscellaneous Feats of Skill